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Load Break Fuse Cutout Polymer Type 12/15kv

    Product Details

11/15KV Fuse Cutout          

Drop-out fuse cutout is outdoor used high voltage protective device, To be connected the incoming feeder and distribution transformer or distribution lines it mainlly protect tansfomer or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading current.

Type Rated Voltage (KV) Rated Current (A) Breaking Current (KA) Impulse voltage BIL(KV) Power-frequency withstang voltag(KV) Creepage (mm) Weight (KG) Dimensions
PFCO-1 10/15KV 100A 8KA 110KV 40KV 250mm 6.8KG 40.5×30.5×10.5
200A 10KA 110KV 40KV 250mm 7.0KG